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Hands And Feet

Wild And Wacky - £5.95 
Nail lacquer with optional nail art & diamanties for under 16s.

File and Polish - £10.00
A simple treatment. Filing and shaping of the nails finished off with an OPI nail laquer. 

Manicure - £16.00 (Colour) £18.00 (French)
Hands are soaked in warm water. Removal and tidying of the cuticle. Nails are filed and shaped, followed by a relaxing hand massage and application of a professional quality nail lacquer (OPI).

Shellac - £18.00
Real CND shellac. Power polish service, with 14+ days of superior colour. Full prep and application with no damage to the natural nail.  Zero dry time - dry instantly by curing. Provides a fantastic armour coat with a high gloss shine and is chip-free, no matter what life brings you.

Acrylics -
  White or natural tip -       £28.00
  Patterned or glitter tip -  £31.00
Overlay natural nail -   £25.00
   Infills -                                £22.00
Soak off -                          £6.00
Acrylic nails are to extend your own natural nail. A false nail tip will be glued to the natural nail which will then be shortened to the requested length and an overlay of acrylic will be added.  Acrylic nails usually last around 2-3 weeks, you will then need to have them infilled or professionally removed. Acrylic can also be used as an overlay on the natural nail (without a false tip) this can help to add strength to your own nails.

Pedicure - £19.00
Soak and removal of cuticles, nails are cut and shaped. Exfoliating scrub massaged in to the feet. Hard skin is then removed from the heels and balls of the feet. Then to finish this luxurious treatment off with a relaxing foot and leg massage. Not to forget an application of a professional quality nail lacquer. (OPI)

Minx - £16.00
Why not stand out from the crowd and try out a fabulous MINX design on your toes. Includes cuticles and full prep. Minx nail coatings are available in graphics, designs and metallic finishes, and are applied to natural nails through a process using heat and pressure. Usually lasts around 4-6 weeks.

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